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ALDI SÜD - Local Office Stuttgart

ALDI SÜD - Local Office Stuttgart
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On the pulse of the city - property concepts #madebyaldi

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ALDI SÜD - Your local supplier with real estate expertise

We are ready for cooperation. Together with cities and project partners, ALDI SÜD develops tailor-made, space-saving real estate concepts. This strengthens the infrastructure and revitalizes inner cities.

In order to simplify cooperation with cities and project partners, we have bundled our real estate expertise and realigned branch development. At the same time, new project development offices for Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Munich have started work and pushed ahead with the development of urban branches or have already implemented them. You have already been able to start realizing exciting large-scale projects.

Creative ideas in real estate development and extraordinary projects make up our architectural diversity at ALDI SÜD. This ranges from the smallest branch with 500 square meters of retail space in a listed building to 1,500 square meters and associated additional uses in the metropolitan area. For example, we create apartments, kindergartens or other commercial uses with our partners - and thus added value for the people in the area.

We also show flexibility and creativity in the implementation: We buy, develop and build completely ourselves, lease plots of land or rent ready-made shop units. All constellations are conceivable, also in combination. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

You can meet our experts from the Stuttgart project development office here at the trade fair at the Stuttgart Region stand (B1.120).

Project presentations

ALDI SÜD - Local Office Stuttgart

Branch concept - Mixed use

ALDI SÜD - Local Office Stuttgart

Branch concept - the extraordinary

ALDI SÜD - Local Office Stuttgart

Branch concept - center


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ALDI SÜD - Local Office Stuttgart
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