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Porto / Portugal

Porto / Portugal
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Porto. A global business hub for the 21st century.


Porto emerged in the international stage as a city for investment, becoming a top European destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). The city led the Northern region of Portugal to win more than 130 major FDI projects over the last 3 years and, unlike most European cities, successfully held the interest of international investors throughout 2020, seeing the number of new FDI projects increase by 8%.

The city has attracted a number of global players and fast-growing start-ups in areas such as real estate, IT, business service centres, tourism and hospitality. Porto's international appeal stems from key value drivers like the highly educated talent pool, competitive costs, the vibrant entrepreneurial community, top-notch infrastructures and innovation centres, the proximity to key European markets and the great quality of life. Together with the city's rich culture and historic heritage, these are some of the main benefits that make Porto a great place to live, work and invest.

Make the most of the investment opportunities in the city with the support of InvestPorto and Porto Vivo SRU, the two leading public entities promoting investment and urban regeneration in Porto.


Porto / Portugal

Rehabilitation of Bolhão Market

Porto / Portugal

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Porto / Portugal

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Porto / Portugal