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4 | High Standards for High Volume
4 | High Standards for High Volume
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As logistics becomes both more important for today’s large-scale ecommerce, FMCG or mulit-modal distribution companies, CTP can design and build the highest standard, fully flexible storage, warehousing, and fulfillment centres, complete with efficient mezzanine solutions to the size you need. With locations nearby all the major capitals of central Europe as well as on the borders with Germany and Austria, the CTPark network provides the strategic locations for you to reach the markets you need.
1 | CTPark Network: Designed for Growing Business
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Each park is strategically located near major highways and intersections, have ample additional land plots for client expansion, and the network of parks allows clients to expand at other locations throughout CEE. Each CTPark provides 5 unique building types to accommodate a variety of business operations and are based on a set of industry-leading high standards, and built to BREEAM specifications. The CTPark concept incorporates a master plan providing for the easy movement of large vehicles and separated foot- and bike paths for pedestrians. The parks are well landscaped to create an enjoyable and healthy work environment, and include a number of amenities for clients and their workers such as on site cafeterias, doctors’ offices, mini markets as well as public transport and / or shuttle bus services to surrounding towns. With park management on-site, clients have immediate access to professional maintenance, cleaning and security personnel so they can focus on their core business.
2 | Customized Solutions
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CTP is a full-service property developer with inhouse staff to provide high-tech, turn key development services. From site location, permitting, to design, engineering, project management, and park and property management to take care of tenants long after move-in. From high-tech manufacturing, through automated workflow solutions for e-commerce to warehouses with various temperature zones, CTP can build you your ideal workspace.
3 | Design Your Own Business Campus
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CTP is capable of designing and building complete bespoke campuses for our clients. This solution is ideal for clients who require R&D labs and offices, testing facilities and require a workplace that is a self-contained, landscaped research campus. We’ll assist with site selection through masterplan design to landscaping and after construction, assist with local providers of for your cafeteria, on-site convenience stores and more. CTP is your local business development partner.
5 | Green Industry: CTP Leader in BREEAM Certification
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When it comes to the environment, CTP is a leader in CEE. All new industrial buildings are built to achieve BREEAM certification of ‘good’ and higher, and all built buildings in our portfolio of over 400 industrial facilities will be BREEAM certified by mid 2020. In the Czech Republic, CTP has built over 19% of all BREEAM certified buildings in the country. Our building standards are the highest in the industry, with LED lighting, highly efficient thermal insulation and HVAC systems as standard. Outside the buildings, our landscaped environments are cared for by on-site gardeners, who ensure all plant life is healthy, including bee hives for natural pollination. In addition to waste and grey-water retrieval systems, and optional solar power collection and storage solutions, our parks incorporate best-practices to ensure a thriving and healthy work environment for our clients, their employees and the communities in which we operate.
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