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Presented by: City of Stockholm
Planned opening date: 2025

Hagastaden is one of Stockholm’s largest urban development projects and by 2025, the 96-hectare area will be situated both in the City of Stockholm and Solna City. This new district will have a mixture of apartments, workplaces, cultural attractions, green areas, world-leading research- and highly specialised medical care. The City of Stockholm identified the area for urban development 15 years ago. At the same time, Karolinska Institutet was developing an idea for a centre of bio-scientific research. By placing segments of the European highway E4/E20 and the Vartabanan railway in tunnels, the area is being developed and transformed into a vibrant area with just over 6,000 apartments, and approximately 50,000 workplaces of which 14,000 will be in Stockholm. Hagastaden will also be integrated with the New Karolinska Solna Hospital, a completely new university hospital which opened late 2016. The investment in total is calculated to approximately 7 billion SEK.
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Presented by: City of Stockholm
Planned opening date: 2030

The city of Stockholm, with several development partners, will transform Arstafaltet, a 60 ha green field site just south of Stockholm city centre, into a new city district. There will be a mix of 6,000 new homes, commercial spaces and leisure activities. The plan includes 1,000 workplaces pre-schools for 1,800 children and three elementary schools. A large city park will be developed in the heart of the area with a storm water pond, leisure activities and allotment gardens. The houses will have entrances facing the street and there will be commercial- and public services on ground floors. Streets will include public places and pocket parks that are open and available to everyone. Geotechnical preparations and foundation started in spring 2018. The first houses are scheduled to be ready for occupation in 2021. The district will be completed in 2030.
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Presented by: City of Stockholm
Planned opening date: 2030

As part of the Stockholm Royal Seaport, Värtahamnen will be developed into a neighbourhood with mixed functions such as offices, housing, commerce and service, coordinated with preserving existing ferry and cruise operations. The area is estimated to accommodate approximately 2,400 residential units and approximately 10,000 new workplaces. Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe and will provide at least 12,000 new homes and 35,000 workplaces and it´s a sustainable city district. Planning work started in the early 2000s and the new city district will be fully developed around 2030. The area runs along Sweden’s Baltic coastline; just a 10-minute cycle ride from central Stockholm. The project will transform the industrial area around the former gasworks into an urban district that interacts with port operations and existing residential areas.
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Presented by: City of Stockholm
Planned opening date: 2030

The Meatpacking District of Stockholm “Slakthusomradet” was originally built in 1912. The work has begun to develop an area entirely focused on business, to a mixed district where new homes, businesses, services and culture coexist. Tradition and heritage is being preserved by investment in public activities related to gastronomy and events. In The Meat packing district, the city will create around 4000 new homes, 10 000 workplaces in preserved buildings, 20 000-30 000 sqm commerce/service in the preserved buildings, 10 000 new workplaces, 90 000 sqm new spaces for commerce, restaurants and services, 1 new elementary school, 1 new upper secondary school, 70 new preschool units, 4 new parks, 3 new squares and 5 km new bike lanes. The Program was adopted in 2016, the Construction starts 2019/2020 and the whole area will be completed about 2030.
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