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Most advanced tenant & employee engagement platform for professionals in offices


Office App enables you to create an office space tailored to what your tenants or employees need.

Our mission is to provide companies and landlords with the tools they need to create a working environment that is happy, healthy, engaged, effective – and cost-efficient.

More than 45 features put you in control

Scroll through a menu of features and services, and select what you need. Book meeting rooms, order lunch, review safety protocols, and more – it’s all at your literal fingertips.

Our partners, your partners

Enjoy a thriving ecosystem of integrated partners that together offer more than 100 functionalities, facilities, and services, such as visitor management,  interactive mapping systems, and sensor technologies.

Millions of data points – a single source of truth

We collect more than 2 million data points from our platform, and transform them into client-specific reports you can use to optimize tenant and employee experience – increasing your ROI by enabling you to make data-backed decisions regarding climate, lighting, and crowd control. You’ll have all the information you need, in one place, whenever and wherever you need it.

Happy Office Life


Office App
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